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I’m good at:

Strategic Planning

Sales and Project Management




Promotional Materials Development



This is Sorrelle

Sorrelle, A Consulting Company is a creative and resourceful Professional Marketing Strategy Group with a legacy of successfully positioning companies and their products for innovation and growth, in both the private and not-for-profit sectors. Versatile experience includes a variety of services listed above. They are strategic forward thinkers and visionaries who can lead change and develop strong dynamic relationships while delivering results. They have spearheaded major initiatives to develop new product concepts, research market potential, develop marketing materials, communications and lead implementation including employee, supplier, and customer relationships.

The Sorrelle team appreciate the value and importance of balance in all things. In a business environment, humour, sensitivity and a personal connection are elements which complement corporate success. Ultimately, business is about the people it impacts and involves. The group approach their work with a high degree of passion and professionalism to ensure a successful outcome for their projects and the people they represent. They provide their best and in turn, help your business become the best it can be.